Howdy everyone,..newbie to the site here. Got an animal on my trailcam a few weeks ago that I am getting conflicting opinions about. Let me say something about the pic. first: That is not white on the belly,..the pic. just before that clearly shows a large leafy (white in the IR) plant right there which is clearly the white coloring underneath him. Secondly, as compared and scaled with another picture of a deer in that same location, it appears this animal is approx. 4' long, and 1-1/2' wide, which is waay too large for a coon (and BTW, I have pics of coons in that same locale, and they are not even close to similar). The general opinion has been that appears to be a bear cub, however this is just outside of Woodman, WI in Grant county and there is not supposed to be any bears even close to that area. I do not know why the deer is looking at it like that,.--maybe never seen animal like that before? Whatcha' think

steelguy, Jun 4, 2009
    • brokenarrow
      Tough call. I don't see anything that resembles a bear ,am I looking at the same pic? I see an animal with the same coloration as the deer's "side" standing there. I dont think it would be a predator or the deer would of been gone. My guess? it is another deer that is in a wierd position.
    • fishdoggydog
      I do not think you should question bears around Grant County, I live in Waukesha County and know of some that show up here. As for the picture it does not look right for me as a bear. I hunted the DNR land past Woodman for turkey 5th season.
    • steelguy
      Thanks guys.,.. Brokenarrow, it is pic# MDGC0049

      Although not impossible, I've talked to the neighbors who have been there their whole life, and nobody has seen or heard of bear in the area. I have three cams set up in that area, so I'll keep you posted if I get any clearer pics of whatever it is. I would just like to know, as I have small children who like to go berry picking.
    • brokenarrow
      I saw one last summer 5 miles north of the Dells on 94. Ive also saw bear pad prints in the sand fire lane/dike trails of Naceedah area. I don't dought a bear could be anywhere in this state after the one in milwaukee area!
      When I blow up the picture in question. I do not see anything that is black. A bear would not be brownish collor in that pic. What I see is another deer that is 1.5 inches to our left (of the standing alert deer) and about 1 inch below it. It looks like a deer in a awkward position that makes unclear. Just my opinion though?
      I had a pic on a game cam 2 years ago that 25% of the people swore it was a lion. 24% did not know and 45 % said deer (which they would be right) Also 5% said it was a pesron dressed in a clown costume and BTW it did look pretty freaky! My kid was a bit concerned walk to this tree stand LOL
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