08/30/09 with Andy Kurth

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    We hit three different waterways today.
    Approximately the 4th cast of the day Andy
    caught his personal best brookie. Tried for
    a close up when Andy was through netting
    it but it decided it didn't want its photo
    taken. We both estimate the male brookie
    at 15 inches. Caught on Lite Brite Biot Nymph.

    The second stream was hard sledding. Sunny
    only a couple trout.

    Third stream was the charm. I scored this very
    nice brown from a very small stream.


    Andy caught a double on a Hopper with Lite Brite Biot Nymph dropper.

    The day ended with Andy showing me his pet female brookie
    No stretching it...19 inch minimum.

    Rough count of day's results

    40 to hand for Andy
    25 to hand for me.

    Not bad for a sunny day.

    Thank you Andy for ALL the flies you tied
    for Coach Knight.