12 Kodiak Chubby ice fishing jigs #12, #10, #8- GLOW

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  1. These are Kodiak Chubby ice fishing jigs in sizes 12, 10, and 8. There are 12 different colors, and I am selling them in bags of 12 (one of each color). These are all glow colors.

    They are $7.00 a bag for members here, and I will pay the shipping.

    PM or e-mail me if you are interested, and let me know what sizes your interested in.


    Captain Jay

    Size 8

    Size 10

    Size 12
  2. lure's

    Captian Jay, recieved the chubby jig's and the walleye lure's today. I'm very happy. They look fantastic. Can't wait till first ice to try them out. I'll give you a progress report this winter. Thank's.

  3. Fishrman

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    New to the site but sure would like to see about ordering some of those jigs! PM on its way!
  4. Do you have a weight on the # 10 and # 12 jigs? They look like they'd fish heavy. Do you have a discount for multiple bags of jigs. I'd like to try some. You can e-mail me at, " [email protected]"