15 year old Wisconsin boy shoots a 203 TYPICAL NET monster...

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    This buck green scores 203 Typical, NET, not gross. If so, this would place this buck in the top three typicals all time in Wisconsin , and that includes the great Jordan Buck at 207 that was world record for decades. These pictures were taken in front of the Cabela's store in Prairie du Chien. The hunter shown in the picture a 15 year old Williams boy from Millville , WI . The deer was shot between Millville and Woodman. The buck was shot with a rifle during the youth hunt in early October. This deer has 16 inch tines. The manager at Cabelas offered him $25,000 on the spot the day the pictures were taken. Cabela's offer included making a replica set of antlers that look identical to the originals and the hunter would be able to keep the cape. The boy and his father turned down that offer. The manager then called the Cabelas headquarters in Nebraska and immediately got permission to offer the boy $61,000 for the rack. He still said no.



  2. Good for them. Some things shouldn't be for sale.

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    Wow, I wish Iowa had deer like that.
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    Why can't I sometimes (like now) view the pics?:confused:...even if I'm logged in.
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    Not sure. I can see them just fine.
  6. Try Right Clicking on the picture and a box will show up about half way down the box find the text "Show Picture" left click on that and see if the picture will show up for you.
  7. I couldn't agree more! But that being said, $61000 would pay A LOT of bills!

  8. Somethings shouldn't be for sale!!!!!!!!!!!