1st Of The Spring

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  1. Had Dutchess out earlier today for a run. She made two nice points and I got to flush the 1st two woodcok of the spring.:bouncy:
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    Very cool. How warm was it?

  3. Steve, it was about 40 degrees.It's suppose to rain most of monday and tuesday.This should help melt more of the snow cover and hopefully we'll find alot more birds.I'm trying to get a pic of one.
  4. Great stuff. I was out Saturday and moved 16 grouse and......yes 1 woodcock the first for us. I missed the little bugger.
  5. Hope you were only shooting with a camera.
  6. They're here

    Took the HiFive youngster out this past Sunday morning and was glad the camera was along. I've been using tuff foot on her tail but still opted to go with the tail tip covers from Lewis Dog Boots which have been a blessing. We have moved quite a few woodcock already despite snow still in the woods.

    Woodcock #1 (thankful for knee boots)


    Grouse #1 (thankful for full zoom)


    Woodcock #2 (thankful for chiropractors)

  7. Iking, nice pictures, the captions were cool. I think spring is just about as much fun as fall for working the dog on birds.Went back to the area we hit sunday yesterday. It rained 1+ inches Tuesday and the trail had 8-10" of water on it.
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    I love the red tail on the dog.

  9. missed it with my 8 guage :lol:......Yes with the camera !!
  10. [​IMG]
    Took a trip over to Ackely earlier today. Boy they sure did alot of logging,there were log piles all over the parking lots.I was checking out spots I'd never been in.Found one place I'll hit this fall.Pointed and flushed 6 woodcock in less than an hour.I did catch one on the ground but he flushed before I could get him on camera.