2009 Contest Rules

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  1. Remember this is a Fun event -

    Members will post their score on their Scoring Thread –.
    You will score your bird according the NWTF Calculator

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    Only one bird per hunter is used for this contest to determine High standings.

    Multiple birds shot by any one hunter, the hunter has the right to upgrade his score as the highest score can be used to replace a previously registered harvested bird.

    Only birds harvested during any given state’s Spring Season taken in an ethical manner under “Fair Chase” using either a Shotgun (Conventional or Black Powder) or Bow can be entered.

    Members must post a picture of their turkey to prove authenticity of the kill.

    A brief story along with statistics is welcomed.

    Do add a ruler to each spur and beard in the pictures taken.

    If you don't know how to post pictures, we can help you out.

    Be sure to say what specie, Rio, Eastern, etc. when, where, and what weapon you used for the kill when you post a picture.

    If you aren't able to score your quarry for whatever reason, identify if your bird is a Hen, Bearded Hen, Jake, or Tom, and you can use this table if you're unable to score:

    1. Hens 10 points,
    2. Bearded Hens 15 points,
    3. Jakes 20 points,
    4. Gobblers 30 points.

    No kills that were made using illegal means, weapons other than shotgun or bow, or using methods that are against state law will be counted, only legal kills will be counted.

    Bearded hens are allowed to be posted on this contest, only if your state law allows the harvest of a Female turkey. Be sure to check and see if your state defines legal harvest as being "bearded" or if they differentiate by "sex" or "gender".
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  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Sounds fair and fun.

  3. This sounds fine with me. I do have a question. What did JW mean by "scoring on THEIR Scoring Thread"? I can't wait for the Turkey music.:bouncy:
  4. good point Muddy - I'll get a Post yer Scores here thread going!

  5. Update

    All birds entered and pictures taken please use the photo upload here on this web-site.

    If you need help let me know

  6. Do we get extra points for archery equipment :biggrin: