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  1. Finally after 20 years without getting a buck with bow, things came together. The buck was a mature 8 point with a few broken points. It did not have a huge rack but the body was huge for my area.He was over 200 pounds field dressed. Checked the teeth and they were worn down to nothing but he looked very healthy. I have some history with this buck with trailcams dating back to 2009 but never saw it during day light. I was set up on the edge of one of my food plots with a doe decoy 15 yards in front of me on Saturday afternoon. It was a perfect day with the right wind for the stand. Did not see a deer all afternoon until the last 15 minutes. I hear a deer approaching from behind me and see it is a doe. She comes into the food plot just to my left cautiously. She starts feeding on the standing soybeans out towards my decoy. At this time I decide that I am going to shoot her. As she clears the tree line I start to draw bow and she busts me and runs out to 40 yards. She then starts to feed again. I take out grunt tube and give a few soft grunts and hear another deer coming behind me. I turn and see that it is a large bodied buck following the same path as the doe. When the the buck hits the food plot he looks at the doe and starts to walk towards her which would not give me a shot, he then spots the doe decoy and immediately turns towards the decoy. When he got broadside slightly quartering away at 15 yards I drew bow and sent the arrow on it's way. The thwack that the arrow made when it hit the buck sounded good. The buck took off running and after 20 yards started to wobble, at 40 yards he flipped over in the middle of food plot. After settling down I text-ed my son who was hunting on another food plot that I had a buck down. I was glad to share this time with my son as he was just as excited when he got over by me. Here are some pics including a pic of the buck in 2009 where you can see he has a huge body but not much of a rack. I estimated him at 4 1/2 in 2009 which would put him at 7 1/2 . Sorry for the long post.
  2. Nicely done Tom on that old buck! I know you put a ton of work in on that chunk of ground and it is great to see it pay off for you. Congratulations to your son too!

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    Congrats on the patience and nice pictures as always.