2013 Bear Hunt

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  1. Hey, just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Justin Gatzke. I just checked the DNR's license site and noticed that I've finally received my first bear tag (zone D). This will be my first ever attempt at bear hunting and I am really looking forward to putting in the time to learn as much as I can in the coming months to prepare for this fall. Any other first timers on here who drew tags for this year?
  2. Congrats on your 1st Bear tag Justin. Are you going to be using a guide or trying to do it yourself ?

  3. Thanks Tom. I am not positive on my approach yet. I am kind of a do-it-yourselfer by nature. I get way more enjoyment out of the scouting, planning, preparation, and learning aspect of hunting than I do out of the actual kill. That being said, I am so green when it comes to bear hunting I really don't know where to even begin. I have gotten permission to hunt some land up around Webster, I believe it is two different 80 acre parcels. I am going to try to focus in on that area and maybe see if I can find a few more landowners in that area who would be willing to let me hunt.

    To those of you who bait; How many baits/locations do you typically set when preparing for your season? How many bait sites would you usually set on an 80 acre piece of land?

    Another question I have is how often do you need to refresh a bait site? I am sure if you can do it every single day, that would be the best. But if you do it twice per week, is that enough or just a waste of time?
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  4. Justin,

    If you have two 80 acre parcels, only put one bait on each. I run an outfitting business, and my trail cams have taught me that the same bears will hit baits spread out over 8-9 miles apart, everyday.

    Also, the thicker, deeper, and darker the bush, the better for bear hunting. Bears don't like a lot of human traffic, noise, and interference.

    As for how many bait sites, would say 3 would be ok for just one hunter. I would put money on two of. Your sites getting hit hard and frequently, and the third being not as active. Then you can stop baiting the one that isn't producing, and focus on the other two.

    Bait at least twice a week, if not three times.
  5. Seriously, thanks so much MM. That is really helpful info. Any other tips about what to look for in the bait site itself? Do bears typically follow game trails like deer do? Do they prefer areas near a water source? Are there any ways to schedule your baiting trips to encourage more daytime activity at the site?
  6. hey jgat, I agree with mm. We usually try to stick one bait per 80, however the last two years we put two baits on one of our 80 acre parcels and had some pretty good results. Several different bears on each bait. On the other end of the spectrum we had a 1000 acre chunk of woods with three baits, and the same bruiser hitting all three baits every night. Bears will cover a lot of ground for that free yummy food.

    As far as baiting this is what we do and it has worked for us: starting out we bait once every three days, then around the beginning of august we bait every other day, starting a week and a half before season we bait every day. This gets the bears somewhat tolerable of your scent, cuz let's be honest it's really hard if not impossible to beat the nose of a bear.

    Make sure you try to bait at the same time every day, the best time being around 2-3. I've heard tricks like honking your horn on the bait when leaving or banging the bucket when you leave. These could work but most of the time our bears seem to know when we're coming in to drop off the bait, because they're on the camera 10-30 minutes after we leave most of the time.
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  7. Lots of baits

    If you have never been after bears before, you may end up with baits close to other hunters. It seems like every trail has a person running a bait, if you are familar with a good location on public land, you will see the same sites used year after year. Miles between your baits does not mean the bears are not on other baits as well. That is why I start with a few more than I will want to use, say 5 locations 5 miles from each other, then trim back to 3 in August.
  8. Hey Justin! I've been looking into bear hunting a lot lately and really considering getting a tag for next year! Good luck on your hunt!