2013 Bow Opener, How'd you do and what'd you see in the field?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by zze86, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Hunting around a soybean plot, was in a tree about 15ft up and had a buck come right underneath from behind me but got busted as I was turning around to check him out. He took off grunting and wheezing at me.

    Decided to get down about an hour after that and do some still hunting. Lots of tracks and scat around a patch of oaks. Looked like they are eating up a bunch of acorns. Seems a bit early for that isn't it? Especially with a soybean plot not even 20 yards away...
  2. When white oaks start falling, they come----saw a fawn-saw a 1 year old doe--saw a spike buck saw a very large doe, probably mother to the others a couple of different times, also saw 2 bear, 1 turkey, nice to be out again !

  3. Three deer, Two nice eight pts and took a doe on opening day. Been seeing deer every nite but looking for a big buck now.:wink: