2015 Wisconsin Bear Tag

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  1. I was drawn for a 2015 Wisconsin Bear permit. Any one else draw a permit this year?
  2. Tag for Grandson

    I have a zone A bear tag, my plan was to give it to my grandson and try to get him in the learn to hunt bear program. I see yesterday on the application anyone with a point for bear in any state is not eligible for the learn to hunt bear deal, so I screwed him sending in for a point for him. I still plan to transfer the tag to him, maybe can find some way to have him run with dog guys, shoot a little bear that they would not want? I have not run this by him yet, I think he will be up for it. Sawyer is signed up at a gun club for the Hunter Safety class, I gave him a Browning BPS pump for his 12th birthday in December.
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  3. I got a Zone C tag for this year and need a good place to hunt. I'm from Hudson so I'm looking for something within an hour from there but I'm willing to travel. I don't have dogs to run so I'd just be baiting. Does anybody have any suggestions or know anyone that wants a bear off their land?
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