1. are they legal to set on trail sets? I have one that measures 7.75 " x 7.25

    here I thought 220's were illegal to use with out encloser or in water
  2. (this is copied and pasted from the dnr regs hope it helps)
    Body-Grip Trap Regulations
    No person may set, place, or operate any body-grip trap greater than 60 but less
    than 75 square inches, measured from the widest points on the outside of the
    jaws (Figure 1), as a:
    • water set unless at least one-half of the set trap is located underwater at all
    • elevated set unless the trap is placed at least 5 feet above the surface;
    • bottom entry enclosure set—unless the entire opening of the enclosure is
    no more than 7 inches above the surface;
    • baited and/or scented set in or on the ground unless the trap trigger is
    within an enclosure that provides openings no greater than 50 square inches
    for a 7 inch recess, OR, an 8 inch height by 10 inch width opening with a 10
    inch minimum recess from the enclosure openings; or
    • unbaited and/or unscented trail set unless the trap is within an enclosure
    that provides openings no greater than 10 inches in height and 10 inches in
    width and is recessed a minimum of 15 inches from the enclosure openings.
    Figure 1. Multiply the maximum
    width of the trap jaws (A) by the
    height of the trap jaws (B) to
    determine the maximum square
    inches of the unset trap. This is
    an example of how to determine
    the square inches for a body-grip
    trap. Body-grip trap designs
    Vertical measurement
    Figure 2. An example of how
    to measure the vertical height
    measurement of a trap when set.
    Body-Grip Trap Size Dry Land Water
    Less than or equal to 60 square inches Legal Legal
    Between 60 and 75 square inches Legal if enclosed or at least 5 feet
    off the ground Legal
    75 square inches or greater NOT legal Legal
    The measurement to the surface is the distance to the first surface beneath the
    trap or opening where the surface is ground, ice, crusted or packed snow, or any
    other hard material. For the purposes of
    this section, an enclosure means any single
    unit device that creates a barrier to the trap
    allowing entry only through designated
    To set, place, or operate any body-grip trap
    60 square inches or less, it must have a
    maximum vertical jaw measurement of 7½
    inches when set. The vertical measurement
    is taken from the widest points on the trap
    in the set position (Figure 2

  3. 220

    I guess the answer would be YES