$50 Cabelas grand opening cash card.....

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  1. A few months ago I was traveling through Owatonna MN and stopped in Cabelas and spent some money. I received a cash card worth $50 towards my next visit to a cabelas. I dont see myself getting to another cabelas before the year is over. This card is worth $50 and expires 12/31/07.

    I would take a $45 money order or Paypal. Just guaging interest, maybe nobody is willing to go through the hassle to save a measley $5 at cabelas. I dont know and just throwing this out there if anyone is interested or else I will just have to force myself to drive to cabelas and spend another paycheck. :rolleyes:

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    Just go on line and place your order. The UPS guys have to eat.:)
  3. only valid at a store i think. I might try online if i dont sell it.