50 lb. Bobcat Taken

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  1. I just seen in our local paper that a friend of mine was in on a great hunt and they got a 50 lb. tom that is only shadowed by the recent 52 lb'er taken by a retired game warden in the state. Here's a link and picture. Upper left for the story and pick.

  2. nice puddycat!

    Biggest one I've ever heard of was also a 52 pound cat, taken in the western UP about 15 years ago.

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    I couldn't find the picture in that article.

  4. It's on the upper left corner of the page if you click on the page it will zoom in and then just move the curser to the upper left and it will follow.
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    That is a large Bobcat.
  6. Darn! I missed the picture as they updated the site.

    WD, was that the one that was taken hunting with Travis? One of his clients got a 50lb cat. I also know of another that was taken over by Hayward this year.

    Not too many of them monsters left roaming around.

  7. It was taken with Chip Moser (SP?) & and his dogs.