6.0mp Trail Camera

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    6.0 MP trail/ scouting camera $350 TYD OBO. If sold for $350 i will include a brand new python lock for free.

    -Get that picture of that deer of a lifetime or any to other wildlife animal out there

    -Comes with a Sony Dsc-S600 camera that is removeable for everyday use and includes a 2" LCD screen for easy viewing of pictures in the field. No wasting time and paying for pictures to get developed. 32mb internal memory and expandable up 2gb with Memory stick card (not included).

    Sony DSC-S600

    Sub shooting mode (Auto, Program, High Sensitivity, Scene modes [Twilight, twilight portrait, soft snap, landscape, beach, snow])
    Exposure compensation (±2 in 1/3 increments)
    Autofocus (Multi, center)
    White balance (Auto, daylight, cloudy, fluorescent, incandescent)
    ISO (80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000)
    Drive (Single shot, continuous, multi-burst)
    Multi-burst interval (1/7.5 sec, 1/15 sec, 1/30 sec)
    Flash output level (Low, normal, high)
    Photo effects (Monochrome, sepia)
    Contrast, sharpness and saturation

    -Pixcontroller LE TM board with Delays of 2min, 5min, 10min and Trail mode. These board uses the best PIR sensor out on the market that sense heat and motion out to 100'. On the board you can set the sensitivity for the sensor. Also has easy to use dip switches to set up time delays, night day or 24 hour operation and single pictures double pictures or movie mode. This board also has a Auto Walk test so you know you have the camera at the right spot. Powered by a 9 volt battery with an on/off switch which last months out in the woods. This board is the most reliable out and will work in the most extreme heat and cold weather.

    -Zorb-it mositure packet keeps and collects any kind of mositure in the camera case. You don't have to worry about mositure do any damage to the camera or board.

    -This trail camera is equiped with Trail mode which allows the camera to stay powered up for a 30 second window after taking a picture and take another picture of a following deer right away. The 30 second window will be pused back after every picture to make sure you don't miss anything.

    -Stero Jack and external power wired so you can remove the camera by just unpluging it.

    -Waterproof Mossy Oak camo case with glass lenses for the camera

    -Metal Camera Shelf/Board mounting bracket so that the camera will sit nicely and not move around when the camera is being moved or transported.

    -Visual Media software which can be downloaded with registration code for downloading, editing, and printing the photos.

    -Can capture 15 second video clips

    -Extra battery holders installed in case for extended use so it can be left out for longer periods of time. Can take over 2600 pictures on a full set of litihum batteries. Is your hunting land far away or you don't want to disturb the animals as much then this is the perfect setup. Don't miss that buck of a lifetime because of dead batteries.

    -Instruction manual on how to use trail camera and its different features

    -USB cable, camera software CD and camera wrist strap included.

    -With the Python Cable lock it will allow you to secure the camera to the tree well.

    -This trail camera is made with all new parts besides the camera which is a lightly used sony s600. The Trail Camera has never been used besides indoor testing.

    -This is a Ready to use Trail camera and comes with every thing you need to get it out in the woods.

    -I have made good number of these trail camera and they are the best out there.
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    Trail cam

    NOW $325 and also have an IR model if anyone is intrested.