1. How many of you load or shoot this round? Just got a Remington 7600 Limited Run in 7-08 to be my primary WI whitetail gun. Wondering if anyone has had experience with this round and what you're having the best luck with.

    Here she is: [​IMG]
  2. Take it back, get the 7600 in 30.06, just a more versatile round, and much more readily available, or just go get the good old Marlin 336 30/30. It is all that is needed for Wisconsin Whitetail.:D

  3. Keep It! The 7mm-08 is a great whitetail round and will be perfect for Wisconsin whitetail hunting. I have a 7mm-08 barrel for my Encore. I use 42.5 gr. Varget loaded under a 139 Gr. Hornady BTSP's. Devastating on Whitetail. My hunting partner uses 44 Gr. of 4350 using the same 139 Gr. Hornady's. Here is a doe I took a few years ago with the 7mm-08.

  4. Buck

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    I would say it is a keeper,not much that rifle wont do for you.
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    I have a friend that has shot a 7mm-08 for years. He has taken deer about every year if I remember right. bear
  6. I already own two -06's and an older Winny model 94 in 30-30. I got it more for a hand me down gun to my son who'll be hunting in a few years here, and a gun collection item...it's one of only 250 made. I'm a believer that if you have a gun you use it. Light gun, shoots flat, almost no recoil, and is way more than enough for deer here. Can drop to varmint weights for coyote, too. I thought I'd have trouble finding options with factory loads, but the Cabela's, Gander Mtn., and Sportsman's Warehouse all within 10 miles of me have it in at least 4 makes or better (in 140 grain for whitetail).
  7. I own 2 7mm-08's. One my son shoots and I the other. He switched to a gun he feels he shoots better. Im ok with that cause I just keep killing deer with the 7mm-08. I had a streak going for 6 years where I had one shot drops in a row. The farthest one ever ran on me was 70 yards and I had a 186# 9 point drop in its hoof print (neck shot).
    I would buy another! On a bummer note, I have a 7600 remington and a Browning A bolt. I thought the pump would be nice since at the time all my shot guns were pumps.,,,, I love the bolt and would not buy another 7600. Hope it treat you well!
  8. My son and I both shoot the 7MM-08 in bolt guns. I don't load and have tried many different rounds and have found that the Winchester Ballistic Silver Tips in 140 gn. shoot the best groups in our rifles and flat out put the smack on a deer. I think you will be happy with it.
  9. It is an awesome gun. Think its around 6 1/4 pounds. (my kids anyways) almost like carrying a daisy (on steroids). I am buying a few extra boxes of ammo this summer. I plan on shooting off all my older stuff and converting to a single brand. (In the past I bought what was on sale and have a mish mash of different brands although all of them are 140 grain) My new plan is too make sure I have enough ammo (number one) and not to have to run out and buy "what ever I can find". This is not the same wold we lived in 2 years ago!. I wish I was a reloader but I just can not get my butt interested in it (yet)
  10. My son and I both shoot bolt action 7mm08's. I reload for both, 140 grn nosler partitions and ballistic tips, both group very well.Both loads really do a number on deer.The only complaint I have about the rifle is I couldn't get it away from my daughter for about 4 years when she still hunted.
  11. My daughter has the 7/08 in a weatherby. Been a great gun for her. Was a little tricky to get sighted in, but now is a tack driver. She now prefers to use grandpa's 257 weatherby mag because it goes boom! I don't like it since the ammo is $50 a box. The ballistics are pretty close between the 2 guns. With the youth stock it fits most kids and women real well. A good gun overall.
  12. The 7-08 is a wonderful "all around" choice. I would'nt think twice about using one for whitetail, mulie's or elk. I have a Weatherby in 7-08 with a bolt action that one of my young boy's will use for deer season. Here's load spec's for it. Win brass trimmed to 2.035. 46.2 gr of RE-19 topped with a Sierra 160gr SBT with a CCI 200 primer. OAL is 2.765. The OAL will very rifle to rifle depending on head space or free bore space and clip. Have fun and good luck this season!!!
  13. Waterdog
    You like that round for hunting? Good expansion and all? I had 2 box's of that round I bought when I found it for a decent price. I had participated in a rifle competition this summer. 20 shots, 10 standing at 100yrds and 10 prone at 200yards. I used the first box for practice the day before. The next day I scored and took 3rd place. Turned out that deciding to take the smaller gun was probably the key to me shooting so well. Less recoil for one means less chance of anticipating it. Being that I am not a huge guy it helped that the gun is only 7lbs or so with the scope so holding it up standing was very easy. I liked that round and was wondering how it took down deer?
  14. Most of the time they tip over where I shoot them. Once in a while I get one that will run a ways but it's been under 40 yards. For me they have been outstanding in performance and accuracy.
  15. Tonight after work I took my son out hunting and he filled a doe tag on a big mulie doe. 125 yd shot. She hit the dirt and never moved. His smile was priceless. The 7-08 is a wonderful deer caliber..