9/28 My Buddy Leon Leggett From Alabama Up For Closer

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    Leon called me this morning about 9:30am. I told him I was a member of the walking wounded and I was more than likely done for the season. My left knee is really swollen and tender. Leon was disappointed but I gave him a couple locations where to fish. He asked me where the biggest fish I knew was. He is staying in Richland Center. He wanted a close fix.

    Leon called me from the stream to verify he was in the right place. I oked his placement and start place. He called half way through the fishing this evening. He had caught a few smaller trout. I asked him exactly where he was at. I told him to put a new 3X leader on and I also told him exactly where the fish typical lays.

    Leon just got off the phone with me. He was walking on air. Leon Hooked/Landed/Photographed his biggest small stream Wisconsin trout ever. He took a photo along side of the rod and will give it to me tomorrow. He guesses the male trout between 21 and 25 inches.

    Check back for the photo later.

    I love it.....I don't even need to be with guys...just give them directions. Leon caught it on a size 10 bloody bugger barbless that I gave him to go after it with.. The battle was about 5 minutes.


    Leon ended the phone call with thanking me and saying this fish made the drive from Alabama well worth it.
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    phone call

    a 5 minute fight on a fly rod doesn't sound long....

    but i bet it seemed like an eternity at sunset with a huge trout on your line.

    Leon was soooo excited and his southern drawl was hard to understand.

    He called me right after he released it to thank me.

    He said his hands were shaking sooo much he could hardly dial the phone.

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    Leon's trout


    female bow....very respectable