A Promise Is A Promise

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    I told the neighbor boyz I would take them fishing today and I had to do a rain check because my knee was bothering me. I gave the two older Faber Boyz some flies and they went to the local pond to try for pan fish.

    The youngest WD Faber came over and told me that his brothers had left without him.

    He asked where he could catch a nice trout for supper. He was going to take his bicycle out there.

    I pointed him to the Pine River where a small stream emptied in. He headed off with his pole in hand on his bicycle.

    5 minutes ago he was frantically knocking on my door.


    He was babbling about a big trout and some bass.


    Not bad for 11 years old and fishing by himself with worms. He told me they were a serious pain to carry on bicycle along with his pole.

    I am taking all three of them out early tomorrow morning.