A Trout Angler's Creel

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    A well prepared trout angler needs to have a creel to transport trout in. This creel needs to be functional and durable. I have two kinds.


    A wicker creel is a relic of the past. It is not functional. It is too small for medium sized fish. Has no cooling properties .It sticks out too far from your body and gets in the way of fishing. $59.00 for a wall decoration is too much in my book. My wicker creel is on my wall in my Man Cave.

    I love my Arctic Creel. It is made of Scottish flax water bag canvas. Evaporation greatly reduces the temperature within, keeping fish in excellent condition. A plastic apron keeps the wearer dry. It lays flush to your body. 79.00 bucks but well worth the large sized Arctic Creel. Has two separate compartments . The outer is a zippered and you can put cold packs in there with bottled water. The big back area has one snap that opens easily for putting in fish and snaps securely after. Have had mine for 4 years and holds up well to my abuse. Only thing I didn't like about it was the color and I solved that by dying it olive green the day I got it.

    The game compartment in your vest works well for a short term transport system.
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    Cool, I have a wicker one on my wall as well.