A Wisconsin Hunters Safety Instructor NEEDS your support!!!

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  1. OK all of you hunters out there,... one of your own NEEDS all of your support !

    It seems that every hunters buddy (PETA) :irked: is giving a school teacher who is a Hunters Safety Education Instructor a very hard time of it. I copied and am going to paste the story below that I got from one of my other sportsman's forums and I'll post the email address of the instructor at it's end.

    PLEASE send this fellow a letter stating your support and opinions on the matter. :wink::biggrin:


    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has taken aim at the Hunter’s Wall at Northwestern Middle School.

    The animal rights organization sent middle school principal Ken Bartelt a letter Monday asking him to take down the Hunter’s Wall, a collection of photographs featuring students’ kills, because it “sets a precedent for a dangerous mind set that glorifies — and even rewards — violence,” according to the letter.
    In addition to sending the letter to Bartelt, the organization sent the letter to local media and posted it online.

    The Hunter’s Wall is housed in the classroom of Russ Bailey, a science teacher who also teaches a hunter safety course in the classroom after hours. The wall isn’t a trophy case it’s a wall of pictures, and it isn’t about promoting violence, Bartelt said.

    The wall has been a spot where students can display their pictures for years and celebrates the region’s hunting culture in the same way it is celebrated local newspapers, which often run photos of hunters and fishers with their trophy kills, he said.

    This year the wall features 52 pictures of animals that students have shot throughout the year. The animals include a variety of game including partridge, bear, deer, pheasants, geese and squirrel.

    Since PETA posted the letter online, the school has received fan mail from people who support the wall and its celebration of the hunting tradition, Bartelt said.
    Other than the PETA letter, the school has not received any complaints about the wall, he said.

    But PETA has heard complaints, said Sangeeta Kumar, PETA member and letter writer.

    The organization learned of the wall from a newsletter sent out by NMS containing information about the Hunter’s Wall. Several PETA members from the Maple school district area sent copies of the newsletter to PETA asking the organization to do something about the wall, Kumar said.

    PETA often contacts schools when it learns they are promoting activities, such as donkey basketball games, that are cruel to animals or when a student has gotten in trouble for cruelty to animals, she said.

    The animal rights organization offers the schools it contacts humane education materials and resources from its Teachkind education organization, Kumar said.
    The organization’s members believe hunting is a cruel and unnecessary practice and that supporting hunting in school gives kids the idea that killing is OK. The organization would like to see the school remove its Hunter’s Wall and replace it with pictures that promote students who do good work for the community and their fellow students, she said.

    “Instead of glorifying killing, (it would glorify) students who have done good in their community,” she said.

    But Bartelt said PETA is misunderstanding the purpose of the Hunter’s Wall.
    The wall in no way promotes violence. It promotes the culture and history of hunting for food. Bailey preaches in his hunter safety course that hunting is for consumption not fun. He invites people into his class to show his students how to prepare carcasses to be used as food, Bartelt said.

    “That was my main argument to PETA. ... I don’t think PETA understands that many people, most in this area, hunt to provide food for their families,” he said.
    “I feel our hunting wall is something positive for our students and our community and in no way has negatively affected how well run this school is or how well behaved our students are. ... A great majority of hunters hunt responsibly; eat what they’ve harvested, and help keep deer herds in check. Our hunting wall is a reflection of this culture and still has my support,” Bartelt said in his response to PETA.

    Bartelt added that he supports PETA in many of its causes against cruelty to animals, but hunting shouldn’t be included under that label.
    NMS already offers an advisory program that works on character education and promotes good values, he said.

    “Hunting in many cases is a family activity that has been passed down from generation to generation. Families spend weeks before hunting season getting ready and often times plan their family vacations around hunting season,” he said in his PETA response. “... These aren’t violent students — they are taking part in family culture and it’s important to them.”


    Email address: [email protected]
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  2. No One Cares I Guess

    Hmmmmm,..... 21 views to date, no comments or responses. :16suspect1:

    I would have thought once you heard PETA was involved,... you people
    woulda' been all over this one!:dizzy:

    Seems that non-residents have more to say about this then the home state boys n' girls. :nono:

    Has anyone written to this instructor to show any type of support?? :confused:

  3. Outraged

    I have known about this letter for quit some time. I have a 16 year old step-son that goes to Northwestern High Scool. He told me about this and I was throughly outraged by the utter stupidity of it. My family and my sons father's family have hunted for generations. We have always encouraged our kids to hunt responsibly and they always have. Our familys and many of the familys up here in the northwestern part of the state use the hunting season as a means to fill our freezers with meat to get through the long winters. Groceries keep going up in price every year and the price of meat is making it so that some familys have to rely on venison as they main source of red meat. If PETA thinks that hunting is unethicall they should look into how most of these animals would die if it were'nt for hunting. Starvation and disease is a much worse death then the quick shot that most of the deer, bear, grouse or other animals that are hunted in this area. The other option is for the slow and painful death of predators. Sorry for the rant. I have not been on this site for some time due to work but I thought that someone should at least get the word out that this is stupid.:rant:
  4. Not much of a response

    Well FINALLY!!!

    Someone at least decided to respond! :irked:

    The rest of you Wisconsin people on this site,.... SHAME ON YOU !!! :tsk:

    I can't believe that this post has been up since APRIL 08' and there's only been 1 response to it. TODAY! :rant:

    niks15,... thanks for your support for this teacher ! At least there's one person from Wisconsin who cares enough to speak up. :16suspect1: :nono: :coco:

    And as for ME I'm from MICHIGAN,... go figure! :frown:
  5. 7mm

    There isn't a lot of people on this site yet, and many of them may not yet feel comfortable enough to respond...so I wouldn't rag on all of us just yet...

    As for me, consider it done.
  6. I believe it was in Marshfield peta wanted the mayor to stop using horses in the christmas parade celebration. Whats next mom and pop operations have to stop offering holiday sleigh rides?I'm in the Big Brothers program and I've aways made an attempt to expose my little brothers to wildlife and the outdoors, pointing out to them they don't have to be hunters to enjoythese things.
  7. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    It's an outrage. Back in the day Hunter's Safety used to be taught in all the schools as a matter of fact.
  8. Still is, in a lot of states

    Hunter's Safety is still offered through the schools in many western states. I hope this gets taken care of quickly. I sent my email a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Count on my support. I brought my kids up through the program and now its time for the grandkids.
  10. I have just started on this forum so excuse me. PETA gets their undies tight about any thing to do with animals. They tried to stop our local town from having a greased pig contest. Did it work-NO. the Dunn county sheriff was called to video the contest and nothing was done to stop it. As far as Hunters Ed. goes our school still puts it on for our districts children. I will send an e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Being a Hunter Safety Instructor myself this type of thing should go directly to the DNR Hunter Ed coordinators......

    I bet through the cadre of Instructors - we can do something to help!

    I know I will be asking for discsussion on this topic at the very next class.

  12. Steve

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    Hunters safety hasn'nt been in most schools in MI for decades and it's a shame.