Abe's Rematch With The Monster

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    We got there before first light this morning. Abe landed the above 20 incher. No more trout were caught at that hole. We stood up to leave and the "Monster" of the hole was laying right off shore in front of us. It took off and Abe said: "Oh my God it is bigger than I thought it was!"

    We changed streams and fished until 1pm

    I landed about 60 trout this morning. Most of them were browns. Nothing over 15 inches.

    Abe landed about 50 also but he landed a TRIFECTA


    Tiger was so small it slipped through the net holes prior to the photo. It was NEON colored. Abe caught about 10 brookies and about 40 browns.

    The second to last hole of the day Abe got to be flabbergasted again when about a 23 inch butter brown swang at his presentation in the shallows.

    Not a bad day....over 110 trout for the day between the 2 of us....the 20 incher from above and Abe saw 2 separate monsters....and Abe's first tiger in about 10 years.