Afraid of the dark?

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    Note the gap of that size 2 bunny leech is a little open.


    I wonder why that is?

    Ever fished at 4:11am in fog and not know what was on end of your line?
    The only thing we knew was it was really big and skied a couple times and the splash sounded huge.

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  2. Went out at that time in fog (when I was young). Only a 700acre lake but it was scary! Fog did not lift till almost 8am, infact it got heavier after sun was all the way up!. Scary is a understatement. You could hear things but not see em!
    For the other part of your statement. At 12:30am opening day inland we had a fish on that pulled us around for 10 min or more. Never saw it but it was huge! It could turn the front of my lowe like I had the trolling motor on low. We gave up a hot crappie hole(12-14.5 inchers that were slab fat!) earlier that night to try another lake. Never caught that fish (or any other that night worth talking about) but I do have this story to tell.
    BTW, went back to that channel the next day and never hooked into even one crappie!
    (oops, sorry I see that this is for fly tying and trout)

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    Story is on my blog

    put the story up on my blog.