After 32 yrs he scores !!!

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  1. I know this did'nt happen in Wis, but it did on MI.....

    Well my cousin finally connected this morning (in my spot) but i

    dont care, he's been hunting hard for along time (20yrs) that i know of...

    It started out at dark i dropped him off and told him the basics of where the deer come from, b/c he has never hunted any of my sets. And he said to me "what the deer only come from 1 area" i said yes with this wind you better hope they come from that area...So i went on my way to my other set, climbed up and got settled in "it seemed like" and "POW" that scared the living h$ll out of me, and i really dont think the sound of the gun shot was quiet yet, and then he pipes up on the radio (he quote) i finally got one and it has horns, he didnt need the radio because i heard him talking (we were about 500yrds apart) so i asked him "did you get a good shot" and he said yes "i'm standing right over him" i thought oh boy he's geeked"...
    So i get down and start heading over to him and all the time i'm walking he's on the radio but i can hear him talking without the radio
    So i get there and look in the tree and all i see is his backpack and "no pumpkin" and i look to the west and see the pumpkin he was waving his hands and trying to get me on the radio and he finally yells at me and says "over here boss" and i get to him and the deer and he leans down and says "not bad after 32yrs" and i said no not at all ! So the high fiveing and he hugged me [​IMG] and said "thanks boss for letting me hunt 1 of your stands....It was a bautiful 4pt with about a 10"or so sread and big forks..(I have about a dozen trail cam pics of him.)

    So it got time for the business and i said get your knives out and go to it, he looked at me and said "do you realize how long its been" i said give me your brand new knife so i got the job done as he was ready to
    "toss his cookies" its was over..So he looked at me and said i have no rope and i pulled out my glens deer handle and he said what the [email protected]$$ is this, so i hooked the deer up and the way we went..Its a long drag close to a mile back in the bush we got about half way out and he said " are we there yet" nope almost i said.. We get to the truck and my brother heard the chatter on the radio and met us there and it went through the whole scenario again as he is grinning from ear to ear, we load it up and head to some friends that live close, and the story goes again(all this time i feel like a proud daddy).

    So we go to the store, and he tries to buy another tag and i tell him dont you have another one "he says Yes" and on the way out to the woods i tell him that now the next ont has to have 4 or more on 1 side and he say's "WHAT" i said yep so we go back out to the same stand and low and behold he see's 6 does and 3 smaller bucks (3,spike,4) boy he was chomping at the bit to shoot..So make a long story short "I MADE HIS SEASON" and on the way home today is all he can remember..........

    Sorry for no photos,he's gonna send them to me tomorrow......His camera battery went "dead"...[​IMG][​IMG]

    My opinion of this is it could'nt happen to a person that hunts for 15 days a year from daylight to dark EVERYDAY of the season... ( dont bash me on that)..But if anyone deserves it more, it would be him....

    Congratulations Rick.[​IMG] on a great shot and a quick humane harvest,
    "Walleye The Other White Meat"
  2. Harvest? I just hate mean kill. He is not a farmer.....he is a hunter.:tsk:

    Unless he ran it over with a threshing machine or a picker.

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    great story! love the visuals you're painting!
  4. Congrats to him!!!!!! My older brother killed his 1st deer ever this year, in 25 years of hunting!