Allopathic Effects of Rye and Brassicas Really Works

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  1. This is one of my soybean plots from this year. After planting my mix of rye, wheat, oats and winter peas in this plot for 4 years and then planting a brassica mix in it last summer it is almost completely weed free. I did not spray this plot this year or last year and I think I may not have to. The rye and brassica has a allopathic effect so weeds do not grow. This area was the hardest to get plots to grow well before I started the rye, oats, wheat and pea planting but has turned into the best soil that I have. Every spring when the rye got about 15 to 20 inches high I would disc it under for green manure to help build the soil.


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    The deer never let my rye get that tall :)