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Ammo Prices

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, Black Powder Tech' started by Buck, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. With ammo prices going thru the roof, I have started reloading,has anyone else.
    Picked up the rcbs rockchucker kit about two years ago and have finally been putting it to some use.Not to hard to figure out and a lot cheaper in the long run.Have always saved my brass now I can put it back into use.

    Mostly been loading target rounds for the .44 Redhawk,and for the mil-surp Rifles.With the price of new ammo I think the kit has payed for itself already.

    Even the surlpus ammo has almost doubled in price.
  2. Ammo Price

    I have been reloading since the late 60s. I load for all my weapons and cast a lot of the lead bullets for practice. For hunting I use jacketed as they perform better.:)

  3. Karl

    What type of load are you using for the 44?
  4. wolf 1954,accurate powder no.5 ,7.7 grains ,180 grain winchester silver tip bullet excellent results on bear and whitetail