Anna Chili

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    My daughter just got back last night from staying with her buddy Riley for 5 days. She commented on the way home that she ate Ramen Noodles for most dishes because both of them did not know how to cook. Anna is going to be the cook for the next couple weeks to learn a "needed" skill.

    Anna Chili

    One Pound Hamburger Browned
    One large yellow onion diced
    4 different kinds of beans
    Chili mix...powdered
    liberal onion powder/salt/pepper/garlic powder/chili powder
    1.5 quart of tomato juice
    can diced tomatoes
    secret ingredients
    ALL in to a crock pot on low until tomorrow morning.
    1.5 hours before time to eat...Place 2 cups of elbow macaroni in and stir.

    Spice to taste before eating.