Another U.P. trip report w/ Pics

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  1. It was necessary to head back to the U.P. after being there the previous weekend. You see I had left my heart up there.

    The fishing season is in full swing in the U.P.. There were some good hatches and spinner falls of Sulphers. There were even some Brown Drakes spotted periodically. But few and far between. The water temps have more than crept up this past week. Certain areas of streams that were cool and made good trout areas have now turned warm for the bass.

    As usual, the U.P. did not disappoint. I really have never known it to. There is always something to do. The scenery is worth the trip alone. The sights and sounds, and smells of the U.P. bring me back like a fish migrating to it's spawning grounds. I could hear the wind blowing through the magestic white pines and smell it's needles.

    There wasn't much time to be had on water this weekend so when we awoke we hit a different trout lake. The sun decided to fish with us for awhile too. But the trout were receptive to sulphers still.

    After a short period I wound up having on a brookie that was several inches bigger than the 17" brook that I caught the weekend prior. This brookie was much fatter and had a lot of color too it. I let my wife know to be ready with a net in case I need assistance as this beast was controlling me. He took line out, down, then up in to the air. He rolled on the surface and then charged at me. By the time I got him next to our canoe he was so close I could reach out and touch him. With my rod held high I reached for my net. He somersaulted a few times on the surface hitting the canoe in all his furry..........gone.

    I was beside myself. Wondering how big it truly was. Wondering what could I have done different to win the fight. After several deep sighs and soft curse words I launched out the fly again.

    After just a few casts I had on another pig. Maybe the same fish? It was big. After a few minutes of battle he snapped my line. It was at one of my double-uni knots. Now my wife and I tie all our own flies and I tie all our leaders. We use braided leaders and normal tapered leaders. I was using a 5x normal taper with double-uni knots. This leader was made out of Rio-Flex instead of my standard Frog hair.

    I sighed, gathered my self, and tied on some more tippet using a surgeons knot. I threw out the line and almost immediately had on another monster fish. Could it have one of my flies in it's mouth? I was to knot (pun intended) find out. It could have two of my flies in it mouth. It snapped off at my surgeons knot.

    I have not had many knot failures over the years and became frustrated at what had happened. A little confused by it all actually. Before my next cast I switched over to a braided leader.

    The fishing got better for me as I managed to land a few, while my wife continued to constantly bring trout to hand with out any issues.


    As the morning eased into the afternoon we headed out to find some trout in rivers. When I walk near rivers there I tend to take a little more time to look around than if I was at the Ausable. Maybe I'm just trying to soak it in like a sponge and become one with the environment. Or maybe it's just that there is no one else around and I don't have to hurry to get a good hole.

    On my walk to the river I came across this tree that has obviously been a favorite amongst the local feathers.

    I also noticed this old tree that had seen it's better day. But I liked it just the same.

    When we hit the river the sulphers were already doing their thing and so were the trout. Here is a quick video from my wife's new underwater camera. Nice brookie that we'll meet up again with some day.[/IMG]

    The river fishing was great on the dries. So much so there was no need for nymphs of heavy rods. The 3 wt. was a treat with brookie after brookie. Every now and then a larger brown would want to get into the action.

    On my walk out before dark I noticed a shed. Nothing huge but a fine find on a walk out.

    There are usually many finds of unusual things in the U.P.. One thing would be like the humongous fungus that mother nature provide another would be like Big Gus, worlds largest chains saw at the Yoopers tourist trap....made by man. This one falls into the later category.

    The U.P. will have to rest easy in my mind while I'm up on the Ausable for the next full week. If any of you will be in that area let me know!
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