Any Christians who love Hunting and fishing on this site?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Outdoor338, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Looking to make some new friends on this website, looks like it will be a good one. Miss hunting in Wisconsin, its been many years!
  2. I love to fish. I don't do any hunting though. Our family goes to a church in Fulton, IL. The church is called, "Gateway Faith Fellowship...An Oasis of Hope." It's an upstart chruch that is only about 4 years old. We've been going there since it opened up.

  3. Hi jbird:

    Great hearing from you, have you fished the Rock River at all. I had that behind my house in Watertown.

    Check out this site for Christians, its an awesome website, I will send several folks at that site to this one. Here it is

    Great talking with you, take care and God bless. Hope your church grows and people find the Lord through your efforts.
  4. I found this site through the Michigan Sportsmans site and they have a forum called "Sporstmen of Faith" .

    Think they'd be offended if we copied them?

    (I think you may have actually just started ours!!:lol:)

  5. Both sites are run by the same person and his name is Steve he does a great job to accomadate to everyone's needs...

    Enjoy the site..:biggrin:
  6. Btw, I live near the Rock, but we rarely fish it. We fish to eat our catch and the Rock was so bad that the fish even smelled funny. They've done alot to clean it up now but we just haven't tried it in awhile.

    We fish Koskonong which is basically a wide (really, really wide) spot on the Rock. That's been gettin' better over the years too.

    We belong to Grace Bible Church in Beloit. It's very small but sooo friendly and I always leave there with a little more understanding of the Bible.

    Course I leave there with plenty of questions in my mind to look up in the Bible also!!:biggrin:

    It'll be great talkin' at ya!