any houndsmen on here(of any kind!!?)

Discussion in 'General Wisconsin Hunting' started by ronald schultz, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. please reply , if any one is interested in hounds (whether its beagles , coondogs, coyote , cat dogs whatever ) lets talk a bit any one that has never tried it but maybe would (YOUNG OR OLD) especially let me know ,should be able to set you up in your area if ya wanna give it a whirl !!!! can be lots of FUN !!!!!!!! contact me on here or call 920-980-9726, 920-528-7270
  2. Every time I see houndsman out with their dogs (coyote & bear hunters).....they always have a "No Wolves" bumper sticker somewhere on the truck. So my opinion of them is not real high.

  3. good time to buy hounds off season sale