Any luck this year?

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  1. Anyone have much luck this year gun hunting? I hunted some public land in Dane County, my Uncle's land in Richland County, and a buddies land in Crawford County and didn't get a damn thing! I hunted more than any previous year and still came up short, only time I've been skunked since I was 13 (I'm 24 now). Most of the people I've talked to didn't see much, just wondering what kind of luck others might have had.
  2. Worst hunting season for me in 44 years of deer hunting:bloos:

  3. got a decent 8pt with my new tc venture. 15 1/2 inside spread. 187 pounds. registration guy said 3 year old. my biggest gun buck. got him at 1145am opening day. saw him and 7 doe.

    i also heard alot of people saying it was bad. that means next years gotta be better right?
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    Well so far the winter hasn't been too harsh.
  5. ya i got me alittle 8 pointer with 14 1/2 inch spread opening morning at 240 yards with my 30-06