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  1. Now that turkey season has officially started. Has anyone had any luck yet? Are the birds pretty responsive? Are you hearing lots of gobbles? Post some pics.
  2. season sucked. Saw 5 birds total, none were gobblers. Only had 3 birds gobble around me at 7:30 a.m. They gobbled for about 15 minutes then shut up. I didn't hear birds gobbling at all or really see the bird numbers. I don't think there are as many birds around this year. I think the winter took its toll on the turkeys this year. :sad:

  3. 2nd week


    Took this gobbler at 6:05 am yesterday. 21 pounds, 10 inch beard.
  4. Wish I'd seen one like that.......good job.:woohoo1::woohoo1:
  5. My Indiana Public Ground 2008 Spring Bird...

    19#, 10-1/2" beard, 23 and 25 MM spurs

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  6. Nice job to all of those who got birds.

    My luck wasn't as good this year, ended up with nothing. Had a week of very little gobbling. I could have sot one out of the roost on Wednesday morning, but decided to let it go since it was the first morning. Now I kind of wish I would have shot it.

    That brings me to a question: Do you feel it is right or would you shoot a tom out of the roost if you had the oppertunity?
  7. no way

    Absolutely not. Niether right nor ethical in my book. The enjoyment of turkey hunting is just that...the hunt. Setting up, calling, working birds into shooting range, that is what it's about.
  8. I would not shoot one out of the roost... seems like it might even be illegal here in Indiana.... nt sure though. I don't however disagree with stalking them... or even hunting them like deer... cutting them off between evening feeding areas and the roost. I do not have to call it in to pull the trigger.