any woodcock flights?

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  1. Anyone seeing any sign of woodcock flights? Still no sign here.
  2. None yet

    Hunted twice have yet to flush a woodcock, haven't even seen any toward dusk flying around.:mad:

  3. I'm afraid it is going to be a poor year AGAIN for woodcock. I hope we can do somthing to bring up the numbers like they were years ago.
  4. You need to get in the game and hunt the right cover. Woodcock are all over in the right cover. This is the same kind of whining that lowered the bag limit from 5 to 3........Now either learn what you are doing and hunt the right cover at the right time or get a real dog that can find them when you happen to stumble into the right cover instead of walking by them.:tsk:
  5. Geeze, no need to be so mean...

    Thornton, maybe there aren't as many woodcock where Griffman hunts as there is where you hunt. Every area can be different, you know, not just the habitat...or maybe you could take Griffman out and show him what you're talking about...??

    I would heartily DISAGREE that it's "whining" like this that lowered the bag limit. Do you think the USFWS goes entirely on public opinion when it comes to bag limits and seasons??? Hardly...lowering the daily bag of woodcock was a long time in coming, after a great deal of research, and imho, long overdue.

    And I would NEVER criticize anyone's dog...
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  6. It is whining...plain and simple.
  7. numbers

    Par for the course with the melon.

    We found decent numbers a couple of weeks ago,

    The person i hunted with said they have left now though.
  8. Funny how telling the truth works.....ain't it?:lol:
  9. [​IMG]


    Oops I forgot there are no woodcock around.......:lol::lol:
  10. What did I miss ?

    Did my buddy say something mean to me....shame on him!

    Ran into good grouse numbers on Sat. not real good WC numbers.

    Soon they will be here:idea:
  11. Let me give you a little heads up, they are already here, and have been here for the past week.............:coco:

  12. Just in your own little world :bowdown: Were wirehairs are king :dizzy:

    IF you think this is a flight then you need to get out more:lol:
  13. Just more excuses..........:lol::lol:

    Maybe lower the limit to one now?

    Or maybe we just require woodcock hunters to get a real dog?

    I'd like to know what happened to the photos from the previous post about "Oops I forgot there are no woodcock around....."?
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  14. Once again you are hearing things, there are no excuses, non-except for your surreal visions.

    If the limit would be lowered then you could say that you got your limit finally and be a real...hunter...

    Nothing wrong with your bad there yours!!

  15. You're an excuse bag....whining about no birds around.

    So what is the problem?
    Is it you or the dog?:idea:
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