Any x-bow /disabled hunters out there

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  1. Just curious if there are any x- bow hunters out there. Conventional bow hunters have a thread so I thought I would start a x-bow thread. I was an avid bow hunter till last year when I had my 1st shoulder surgery. Then If I wanted to hunt the archery season I had to take up a x-bow.:cool:
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    X-Bow hunter


    I began hunting with a X-Bow several years ago when my arm and shoulder issues got to the point where I had to either make a change or give up archery hunting. After undergoing an exam and tests, I was able to qualify for a disabled permit for x-bow hunting. Now, I am 66, but the x-bow permit gave me three years of hunting I otherwise would not have had.

    I began archery hunting back in the late 60s with a recurve and progressed through all the changes in equipment. I love my x-bow, but it does not make me suddenly able to slaughter hundreds of deer. The keys are still scouting, practice, and putting in hunting hours.

    I shot four deer with my x-bow last year. That may seem like a lot, but I put in an average of 47 hunting hours per deer. I spent many great days in tree stands without seeing a deer, many more great days seeing deer but not getting shots, and a few really great days when I got deer. But every day I hunted was a successful day, even when I saw no deer. I was doing what I love, hunting.

    I hope we can get more Wisconsin x-bow hunters to participate in a forum on x-bows and x-bow hunting. There is an x-bow forum on, but a Wisconsin x-bow group would be great.

    Does anyone know anything about the x-bow group that has been formed in Wisconsin?

    Happy x-bow hunting,

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    It's great that you guys are still in the woods. We could start up a crossbow forum here if there is enough interest.
  4. cross bow hunters

    Ya- Now we're talkin.
    I think a person has to be disabled or over 65 to use a cross bow. I guess that means we can't use conventional bows any more. I too would rather use my Hoyt any day. I too, started out with a Bear recurve in 1965 and became pretty good with it. There was a old timer that made cedar arrows and I used the two blade bear broadheads. Brings back some great memories. I started bow hunting before the deer herd was increasing. Until 1974 I only saw three deer. If we cut a track we were over joyed. In 2007 I went to pot so to say, and have had two shoulder surgerys since, So I guess the x-bow is my way of being in the woods during the archery season. I had a hard time accepting the fact that using my cross bow was in some way cheating. I would like very much to be in touch with other x-bow hunters.:smile::smile:
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    It would be great if we could have a Wisconsin x-bow hunters forum here. There are some other crossbow forums, but those are all national. If you set up a forum here, I would let people in the other crossbow forums know about it. There are some from Wisconsin in each of the others.

    I look forward to seeing a crossbow forum appearing here.


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    You guys got it. Have fun!
  7. I just found this site. It seems like you tried to get something starterd a year ago. Hope people that use x-bows are still looking at this site. Anyway, I am disabled, in a wheelchair and live in southcentral WI. I was not a bow hunter, but have had some luck with antelope in WY the last 4 years. For me to hunt I use a ground blind and need a person to go with me to set it up. Also need land. So here in WI I have not found that person that is close by, but I really hope too. I killed my first deer in Ohio last year; a doe and a nubbin buck. I really like the sport of having to get the deer close to you. I hope to try my luck with a turkey this year.

    Has anyone had any luck turkey hunting with x-bow?
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    Yeap, we are still here and so is the x-box forum :)
  9. Website for disabled hunters

    Would it be okay if I post the address of a website that might be useful for the hunter saying he could use help getting out hunting? It's a group that is set up to help disabled hunters get out hunting. This isn't an advertisement.
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    As long as it's a non-profit organization.
  11. Group to help

    Kevin thanks for thinking about my situation. I have been fortunate to find several non-profit organizations for physically challenged hunters. All of them are fantastic, we do a lot, and there are fantastic volunteers that help. However, every thing is always far from my area, and I get to go bow hunting for whitetail about once/year. I am hoping to find someone in my area where we can go bow hunting several times/yr. Being disabled I find it hard to ask someone to push me, set up a blind, retrieve, dress out and load my deer. I need to find someone that understands what disabled hunters feel like and go thru and are willing to give of themselves. I CAN UNDERSTAND not many hunters like to do this because it takes away from their time and hunt. I just would like to find that one hunter that has the understanding, desire, time, land rights, and ability, where I could set up the blind permanently, make it easier on them and allow me to enjoy the outdoors bow hunting. Kevin, I live close to Madison, WI. If you know of anyone within an hour of Madison that may help, please let me know.
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  12. The group I would like to post on here is called, Hunters With Disabilities, Inc. and it is a NFP organization. The web address is I am located in West Central Wisconsin next to the Mississippi but the organization is based in Southern Illinois. I am the President of the group but we decided to base it in Illinois due to logistics. It's a brand new group but we are working hard to get disabled hunters back into the field / woods. There is a Disabled Hunter page and a Hunting Opportunities page. You can go on there and sign up. Hopefully there will be someone in your area that will sign up on the Hunting Opportunities page that can help you.

    We also have a new Forum page so check it out while you are there!

    If you aren't a member of Facebook I encourage you to sign up on there and join the Hunters With Disabilities group. I can put out a notice to all the members that you are looking for help and we should be able to find someone that lives around you that is willing to help.

    If you are on Facebook already add me as a friend. I send out invitations to all of my new friends on occasion so you will automatically receive an invitation to the group.

    I hope all works out well for you and thank you to Steve for allowing me to post this message on here.

    Kevin Brantner
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  13. thanks i joined
  14. Icanhunt, and docbuer it looks like you have already found friends who can help handicapped or just slightly impaired hunters find a way to get out in the woods and do some hunting. Wisconsin has two additional organizations who can help. The Wisconsin Crossbow Federation, and the Wisconsin Crossbow Hunters. WCF is just forming and as yet does not have it’s handicapped program up to speed, but we will and your input would be most welcome. The Wisconsin Crossbow Federation can be contacted by emailing me or mailing Wisconsin Crossbow Federation, Box 1033, Grafton, WI 53024.
  15. The Hunters With Disabilities group on Facebook found icanhunt someone willing to help that lives about an hour away from him. I'm very impressed by the numbers of people out there willing to help!

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