Any x-bow /disabled hunters out there

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  1. The WI. Crossbow Federation has no interest in helping the physically challenged get into the woods. Their primary effort is to get crossbows into the archery season for any able bodied person in WI.

    Vertical bow hunters are opposed to the crossbows being used by able bodied people in the archery season as it will lead to higher harvest numbers and then shorter archery deer seasons. We have no issues with the aged and physically challenged using them and we are happy to see them still enjoying the outdoors.

    Big money is being spent by X-Bow manufactures to get them legalized in all the remaining states that have a archery deer season but X-bows are not legal for use in that season. They care of nothing but their bottom line and profits. If you are physically challenged or aged and like the long archery deer season that we all enjoy I ask you to join forces with the vertical equipment hunters and oppose any further expansion of X-bows in the WI. Archery Deer Season.
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  2. Water Dog, I don't want an argument with anyone about archery. I wish I could pull and hold a bow, but I use as crossbow and a wheelchair. I love the sport and wish I could get out and sit in the outdoors and hunt. It is such a privilege that many have, and do not realize it. I know I didn't for years. Now I am asking if anybody within say an hour of the Madison, WI area, bow hunter, crossbow hunter or land owner would be willing to help me or allow another hunter to help me hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

  3. I nor any of the other Virtical bow hunters in this state have a problem with you using a cross bow. I'm personaly glad to see you still enjoying the outdoors and Deer Hunting.

    I do get upset though when a person uses you and your post to further their cause to get cross bows in the WI. archery deer season.

    Try placing some adds on "Craigs List" and see if you find any spots that way. It's free and you will reach a lot of people fast.
  4. Water Dog, I don’t know what set you off, but your statement about the Wisconsin Crossbow Federation only wanting to get crossbows legalized for the archery season and that we do not care about handicapped is not true. I don’t know where you are getting your information or you just mad it up, but please do not put words into my mouth I did not say or write. Those who know me and have met members of my family know your statement was a mean spirited cheap shot.
    You also implied that the WCF get money from x-bow manufactures, again this is a big myth the Wisconsin Bowhunters are trying to spread and it is not true. We have received NO FUNDS WHAT SO EVER.

  5. Your main focus in both groups is to get crossbows legalized for ALL to use. They are currently legal for the aged and physically challenged sportsmen in WI. So if you are working on behalf of them your work has been completed already and your groups are not needed or warranted. So what is it your groups are striving for?

    Secondly you need to work on your reading comprehension. I never stated either of your orgs. Has taken or received money. I simply stated that the manufactures are spending big money to get them in the remaining states where they currently are not legal for archery hunting. As a Resident bow hunter in the state, if you don't meet the current criteria to get a crossbow permit then I don't want them in the woods and will fight to keep them out.

    If I am writing untruths then why did you quit posting your propaganda on Bowsite after being called out there?
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  6. That's a good reply Rancid Crabtree. When I started this all I was asking for is someone to help me get into the woods so I can bow hunt with my crossbow. I am in a wheelchair; need help to get to a spot and retrieving a deer if I was lucky to get one. I did not know that j3cub was in an organization to get crossbows for everyone. I thought it was just for disabled. I even was going to try and help him. I agree that crossbows should be limited. I would love to use a compound bow. I really don't like using the crossbow. I don't see the advantage of it. They are heavy, bulky, and not easy to hang while waiting for game. Most people use a bipod which sometimes makes noise also CB are loud. They advantage is they are already pulled back which is good for us that are disabled or elderly. Again I agree that if a person is able then they should use a bow. It has many advantages over a crossbow. j3cub if getting crossbows for everybody is what your organization does then I disagree with it for the state of WI.
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  7. I too am disabled but may be able to help you out. Where in WI do you hunt?
    I own 100 acres of deer/turkey habitat and would help out a fellow disabled hunter. I have lots of help from my kids and we would love to help out someone in a bind.:smile:
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  8. First off, this site is for disabled hunters! Secondly, we would all give up our crossbows for good health and be able to hunt with a conventional bow. When you come down on a movement that has an agenda to allow crossbows during archery season, I don't understand your thinking. If you are old enough to remember, the long bow hunters, which by the way I was, were against compounds when they first came out. The compounds now days are no different than the crossbows, they are for hunting and that is what WE all have in common. We have more important things to get excited about, such as, PETA and having the right to hunt. Lets go after the real problems looming out there rather than feuding with each other.:smile:
  9. You have Nothing to feel bad about. The problem with any crossbow site is you get guys who think the crossbow hunters have a better shot at the deer and will kill more deer than the conventional hunters. Maybe a little greed or just against change. I don't care either way, but I am leaning towards letting a hunter make a choice on his own.

    Good Hunting!
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  10. I wont speek for Rancid. But will for myself. Long bows, Recurves, and Compounds all have one thing in common. They are human powered devises. Cross Bows are Mechanical Devises that remain cocked giving a added advantage to the people that use them. WI. currently has regulations put in place so physically challenged hunters and those over 65 may get a permit to hunt with a cross bow. So no one is left out of enjoying the bow season.

    Bow hunters are already getting pressured by gun hunters with the amount of deer and bucks bow hunters take. That's why in many units this fall you will not be able to shoot a doe in the bow season to keep things equal with the gun hunters.

    If cross bows are allowed for all and the deer kill goes even higher, Guess what? The gun hunters will want the archery season shortend. I'm not willing to give up days in the woods so some able bodied guy can use a cross bow because he's to lazy to set up and practice with a virtical bow.

    I am sorry that you have to use a cross bow for health reasons. But I am glad you are still out there enjoying the hunt!
  11. I can understand both sides of the issue, however, we as hunters need to work it out without hard feelings. As you remember when ever there is a proposal for change, it causes every one to have to choose a side in the dispute. This is detrimental to all hunters as a whole. As the old phrase states,"divide and conquer", will be a direct result. My opinion is I am willing to share the outdoors with any one who wants to hunt, no matter what weapon they choose. I mean no harm to any one but thats how I feel.

    Good hunting to all!:smile:
  12. First off thank you for the offer. I live just north of Madison. I am looking for any place to get outside during bow season. However I woiuld need some help.
  13. Crossbow Hunter

  14. I think Crossbows should be included!

    I am forced to use a crossbow because I have a disease called "Essentail Tremor" Which makes the left side of my body shake uncontrollably.

    I don't know about any of you, but when I went for my disabled permit to use a crossbow, I had to pay over $500 because the testing wasn't deemed as "necessary to the healing" of my disability. My insurance company wouldnt cover the cost.

    So what the current law does is make me pay extra to do the things I should be able to do anyways.
    My nephew wanted to hunt with me, but since he cant pull back a bow and hold it for very long and he sure as heck cant get any decent groupings, he is excluded from the archery season.
    I tried getting him in to a smaller shotgun, but because of the recoil, his small size just makes it look as if it's going to take his shoulder off.

    I am all for a full inclusion of crossbows. There are currently 24 other states that have it and all of their DNR report that they have had nothing but positive results. It has brought many families into the sport, it allows more importantly for the freedom of choice for everyone.

    For any one group to tell another group that their method of hunting is wrong, is-well--wrong.
    As far as Mr. Rancid Crabtree is concerned-he was ticketed for hunting illegally over bait. He was also one of the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Bowhunters Assoc.
    If that is the kind of people they want with them, I would not want to be anywhere around them or say that they represent me. what an embarrassment for them.

    I just don't think it's right to have us disabled people pay for a doctor to do the testing (mine was as I said over $500).
    By making crossbows a full inclusion, it allows everybody their choice of hunting method. Everybody that pays taxes, buys a license and is a US citizen has the God given right to chose.
    If I remember correctly, Wisc.Bow Hunter has only 6000 members, but there were over 255,000 licenses sold in the state in 2011. That would make the Wi bow hunt only 2.35% of the total archery hunters.
    How does that make them a majority or to be able to pass judgement on anyone's freedom of choice?

    If you are questioned about full inclusion for crossbows-Please think about that very carefully. I would hope you would say yes to full inclusion as it is everybody's right to chose.

    Outdoor Wisconsin:biggrin: