Anybody around here hunt geese in the fields?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunting' started by Thorton Melon, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. If so how are you doing this year? :)
  2. Thorton I just saw you on T.V you made one hell of a dive

  3. Field hunting for geese

    Hunting here in SE Wisconsin for geese has been pretty good.:) Now that more corn is being harvested you need to find the field geese want to be in. Many geese in areas closed to hunting in Milwaukee County. Weather hasn't been that great ( to sunny, little wind) for hunting lately. Got skunked over weekend had birds look at my spread but saw something they didn't like. This morning had bird land in decoys to bad that was the time I picked to return to my truck. Oh well maybe next time. :(
  4. Talked to my neighbor last night who does most of his goosin' with field work. He said they've been real leary of the spreads over the last 2 weekends after he started doing really well early on. I think he took only one last Saturday...

    He hunts with permission at about 4 locations near Jackson, Newburg, Allenton, and between Kewaskum and Campbellsport. A ton of farmers have been cutting their corn and soybeans over the last week around here, and the fields that have been cleared already are sitting with quite a few birds in them. Should start to pick up.
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    Up here in the valley most of the geese are concentrated in a few areas and quite a bit of pressure. scouting trips have been interesting: follow geese to a field; oddly enough see them get tired, fall asleep, fold their wings and fall from the sky. I always seem to be a day late and dollar short.
  6. Green Bay

    Divers are down on the Bay. Had a great hunt this morning. Should only get better with some nasty weather!