Anybody else ready for fall?

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  1. I'm more than ready to get back in the woods. Some cooler weather would be a welcome change!
  2. I've been ready since February 1st !!
    Bring on the cool temps to get the dogs more time in the training field. We all need it.


  3. Sounds great! Only a few more weeks. I've been trying on all my new hunting gear chomping at the bit!
  4. Getting ready !!!! Here is what if been doing to get ready for grouse opener.

    Well the summer came to an end for us. The kids back to school and I had to go back to work. The kids wanted to go on a early season goose hunt to rap up the summer we did.
    My daughter who is 11 just passed her hunter's ed course and this is her first hunt(with a gun) ever...and she knocked down her first goose !!
    Then, not to be topped, my 13 year old boy shot a double !!!
    I went out monday with my little Maggie and she got to recieve her first goose ever. She did I nice job and I'll be taking her again. I took her mom Libby out with the kids and she earned her keep she had to chase down a few runners.. :lol:
  5. cant wait for this sat to sit in my bowstand again and then i will be happy again:smile:
  6. Been so busy at work I've been glad to get out on sundays and run my dogs, but at least we have been finding burds. Great sign for the season to come. :smile:
  7. I've been making it out on sundays to scout some birds, and I'm liking what I see!!:smile:
  8. Good luck to everyone! Seeing plenty of birds here as well.
  9. It was a good opening weekend. Most of the bird contacts I had were coveys up to 4 birds. Only once did I encounter a single bird. I didn't see any dumb birds (i.e. sitting in a tree or refuse to flush). I took two birds opening day, and one didn't have it's full tail feathers yet.

    The only downside to this weekend is it was really warm. But the silver lining was I took my boat and went fishing when it got too warm to hunt.
  10. Made it out last weekend. Drove to an older covert that I haven't been to in a while.
    Ran into 38 woodcock and 25 grouse in about 5 hrs of hunting.
    Not a bad day for Early season.

    I hope the heat goes away !!!
  11. [​IMG]

    I've been seeing alot of birds this season. I'm a senior in college so I get out during weekends and after classes during the week. I shot these two Tuesday. Last weekend I got my limit of woodcock (let plenty more fly). Overall the season is going great, and will only get better as the leaves fall.