Anybody here up for a Wisconsin Big Buck contest

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Steve, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. That sounds like fun. Unfortunately I don't bow hunt so I'll only have the regular 9 day hunt, to bag a buck. Unless I bag a monster doe in the late hunt to win it :lol: !
  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Come on we gotta get some entries to the contest. $100 is on the line.

  3. I haven't had any luck yet. I'm heading to Missouri today and will be hunting there for a week. If I shoot one down there does that count?
  4. DomDel

    DomDel Guest

    I,m in . Have to shoot a doe first though. Went out on the early gun hunt on Oct 17-19 and didn't see a deer during regulare hunting hrs. when I was driving back to my cabin sure enough does and bucks along the road. Go figure. I'm in the earn a buck zone in Marquette county
  5. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Nope, has to be shot in Wisconsin.