Anybody want to have a Spring WI turkey hunting contest

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Turkey Hunting' started by Steve, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Steve

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    Let get her going.
  2. Season 2 in Unit/Zone 34.


  3. how does the contest work?
  4. Steve

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    Well there's several different ways we can work it. I'm looking to you guys as to the way you prefer it. It can be team or individual. I would want all pictures that are to be considered in the contest to be uploaded to our picture gallery.
  5. I would be willing to give it a try. I hunt unit 22 during the 4th season.
  6. Boysen

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    Can a Iowa boy join in on the fun?
  7. Am new here to this web and will enter the contest - But certainly am not new to Wisc.

    Born and hatched here! :D

  8. I assume that this would be for Spring 2009. You may want to check your Zones (Units). There are now only 7 zones. I'm in, Zone 3, 2nd season. I have no good ideas how this should work. Maybe weight plus length of both spurs plus length of beard??
  9. Steve

    Steve Staff Member

    Originally it was supposed to be for Spring 2008, but we'll make it for 2009 :) Somebody post the dates of the spring seasons so I can start the logistics.
  10. I'm in...


    I think it should be on an individual basis rather than a team basis...since we really don't have a lot of posters yet, let's get it going rather than have people stay out cause they don't have a team...

    Wild Turkey

    Youth Turkey Hunt: April 11 - 12

    2009 Spring Open Zones:
    • Period A: Apr 15 - 19
    • Period B: Apr 22 - 26
    • Period C: Apr 29 - May 3
    • Period D: May 6 - 10
    • Period E: May 13 - 17
    • Period F: May 20 - 24
  11. I'll Play! Good to see you here from Modernsportsmen JW! We have our work cut out for us with JW in the contest :)
  12. this sounds like a lot of fun . i will give it a try . my favorite time to hunt.

  13. count me in, hopefully I'll have better luck than last year.
  14. Oh shoot Just because JW is here should not stop you.

    Yes I hunt zone 1 as it inlcudes the old zone 15.

    ya - I only hunt late season #1 reason is because of my group - got one out of stater who owns the land we have the Camp on.

    But heck last yr I hunted perriods, 4, 5, & 6.

    The bird population did suffer a bad winter kill last year and I hope this yr it is better. But I had my chances. Oh I don't shoot Jakes anymore!

    So let's get this contest on for 2009. Doesn't matter to me he format -

    here is last yrs 5th season bird.
    Due to a shoulder injury/surgery - I was not supposed to hunt - One handed the gun on this nice bird.


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  15. beautiful gobbler, JW

    one handed...ya, sure...:wink:

    I am just hoping there's enough birds left to have a contest for!