Anybody want to have a Spring WI turkey hunting contest

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Turkey Hunting' started by Steve, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. A lot of birds or just a few, it's OK with me. I remember when there were none. If I see one in close that's wonderful. If I get one that's great. But the early morning turkey music, that's what I love. It's what I wait all (long) winter for. It makes my heart pound. I smile and say "thank God for times like this.:smile:
  2. Lets hope the winter isn't too hard on the birds. I just found out online that I will be hunting the first season (4/15-4/19) in zone 3. I'm starting to get a little pumped up for the upcoming season.

  3. Well done JW
    Steve I will be in. Steve, I will call my son and have him sign up also, he is away at college but has a late season permit.
    My permit is for season 1
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  4. I am new to this forum but I would like to get in on the fun.I have zone 4 april 29th-3rd. looking forward to spring!
  5. Muddy
    You nailed it!
    Untill 4 years ago, I never hunted nor had any ambiton what-so-ever to hunt them. Crows on Steriods I had tagged them as. I had friends down south of me that saw the explosion (population) and did not like what they were seeing either. For what ever reason, that year I applied. My son and me headed out opening moring (I had never been in a turkey woods in early spring at this time in the morning since turkeys had just recently multiplied in my area). I had little experience calling (self taught myself from the web) Long sotry short, after my son bagged his tom the second morning we were hooked. You nailed it. I dont need to even see one, just the sounds and smells of a spring moring in a turkey woods is all I need to keep me going. I would say that the turkey gobble way off in the distance and then having it slowing move closer and closer to you is about the most exciting thing a person could ever experiance.
    Lets get this contest on! I am going to try and vidio my sons hunt, if he does good I will post it.
  6. We got a contest

    Will be jsut for fun - Ya win braggin rights to Big Ole Burd - nothing more.

    Look for the Contest and Rules Thread

    Thanks Steve - am here to help

  7. Nope

    U be in!

  8. Anyone using Archery equipment this year? I'm going to give a try this year. Should be interesting :)
  9. I am not. But I hunt with my son and he is going to use his bow this year. I think he just wants to shoot his new Mathews Reezen.
  10. I only use archery, have for the past 3 years or so.....Makes it very challenging.:wink:
  11. I do use at times a black powder shotgun........

    Did bow hunt at one time.....and want to get back into it!