Anyone else chasing grouse?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else was having any great luck so far this year? The little bit I've been out has shown me that Chip. cty has produced better for me than any other areas. Haven't made it up to the park falls area yet this year how are the birds up there?
  2. SLOW !!! That is the way to discribe birds. If you hit a good spot you see them, but not like last year.

    Once again the DNR hypes the bird numbers up and they are not.

    One good note have seen alot more woodcock than last few years.


  3. Haven't found alot of birds in the Mercer area this year, especially woodcock.Grouse have been hit or miss around the Wausau area but I've been finding woodcock.Went out this am for about an hour and had the dog point 9.I get a news letter from Price Co.The last one said hunters have been seeing fair amounts of grouse in the area.
  4. Price county wants to be the "Grouse Capital" they would tell you there were grouse walking down main street Park Falls.

    The numbers are down much more than last year !

    Not sure why, but they are.

    Still won't stop me from chasing them.

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    It's always fun to chase them no matter the results.
  6. I agree,my info came from a Price Co email to promote tourism.Like you both said it's still fun to get out and chase them.Do the birds you have been finding seem to be running alot this year?The birds I've seen sure have.
  7. Glad to here I'm not the only that thinks numbers are down. I've hit spots that have been really good in the past, only to find them producing half the birds they previously did. The dogs enjoy it though and that makes it all worth while.
  8. As bad as we think it is know just wait until the cycle drops. I remember 6-7 years ago on the last drop we would walk for days and "hear" a flush !!!!:nono:

    So just wait we will all be saying how good the fall of ' 09 was in a few years.
  9. I have a saying for October hunts when I don't flush any grouse."Thank God for woodcock", I can usually find a few of them.
  10. I still enjoy getting out and not really dissapointed with putting up 10-15 birds a day, just gives me more reason to look for new honey holes. On a whim three years ago I went to a new area and had my limit in two hours!:woohoo1:Unfortunately never been able to duplicate that. It's always more satifying when I find a new spot that produces birds on a steady basis.
  11. Found the same thing inthe NE - not what it was last year. Certainly no 17% increase there,

    The woodock all left Nov 2 as didn;t find a single one after that date.

  12. I've only seen three birds this season. One woodcock. But thats better than last year, didn't even get out then.
  13. I finally got out again after a long wait, took the chance to go out during the deer season, and it was worth it. went up to rusk cty for the first time, hunted about 6 hours and had 16 grouse in the air. :smile: Unfortunately my shooting skills haven't kept up with my dogs ability to find the birds for me. Still had a wonderful day and can't wait to get out again and try some more new spots.
  14. Figure I'll keep everyone posted on my year, as limited as it is this year. Made it out again nov 30, hunted sawyer county this time all new spots, again. Well worth the trip flushed 21 in 8 hours of hunting all new ground again. Wore the dogs out which was half of the goal, the other half was to find some birds, succeeded at both today. can't wait to go again, and learn some more new areas.
  15. Was out sat and sun for about an hour each day.Flushed 3 birds sat and 3 birds sun. Made a beautiful shot on a 2-3" whitebirch sun.:piparty: