Anyone else chasing grouse?

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  1. I can second that on Sunday I shot a perfectly good Christmas tree. :mad: It wouldn't even make good soup. Funny how those birds can find ever tree to fly behind.:lol:

  2. That's easy to fix.....don't shoot them in the tree let them fly first !:lol::lol:

  3. That takes all the fun out of it if they fly! :lol::biggrin::bouncy:
  4. [​IMG]
    Went out yesterday for about an hour to get in a hunt before the snow storm made it harder to get around.Put up 3 birds and even managed to miss the trees and hit one with my 28 gauge sxs.[​IMG]
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  5. Great job.

    Boy I always thought your dog looked like her mom....but you can see the sire in her now !!!

    Dang I love ugly dogs !!!
  6. Well, although not as great a eport as last time, I made it out today, with the temp on the bank clock reading -10 in town this morning. Walked about 6 hours with only two flushes. Don't know exactly were all the birds went, but apparently anywhere but where I was :dizzy:. Really had to work in the snow today and so did the dogs, still a good time, except for falling through the ice, :tdo12: sent me back to the truck a little sooner than I hoped but probably a good thing or I'll be sore for a day. Looking forward to getting out this weekend again, hopefully with a little more luck this time.
  7. Ive had a good season. The birds are heavy in their predictable spots and "ok" in non predictable ones. I have found out that I can over hunt a area and make the birds very skittish. (Of course this means I have missed a hell of alot) If I hunt the same patch 3 days in a row there about the next day I get in there and they fly well infront of us. And I always thought they were a bit dumb untill this event. Im in Rusk county and have had a good season.
  8. 3 days in a row !!:tdo12:

    I don't hunt the same cover 3 times a season...
  9. When your wife takes the truck and leaves you stranded at the cabin, it is waht it is LOL. Seriously though, I had know idea they were smarter than a turkey.