Anyone Ice fishing in 2011?

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Ice Fishing' started by mr.mc54, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Best year I have had in years. Once the slush has froze and the ice got thick enough to drive on, I have been killing the panfish, and big ones. Wondering if anyone else has been out and doing any good. Every Friday is a fish fry so far!!!:wink:
  2. Don't really get much ice fishing chat on this site. I have also been having a good time on panfish. Five times out 12 meals of fish in the freezer. Time to find some eyes. Will try to get out 2 times this next week. Temp should be warmer. good luck.

  3. Steve

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    Hey let's hear about it! We've definitely had the weather for it.
  4. Caught a nice walleye for these parts, but am hitting the slow season now. Getting tough to find them, but then again I'm no Dave Genz. They are probably right under my nose!! Up north here we got a sticky 6-8" of snow on the ice that makes it a pain to drive, drill and set up holes and portable shacks. Not to mention chokes out the sunlight. I like fishing bare ice or just enough snow to get your footing. Otherwise work and chores have been hurting my fishing more than Mother Nature.
  5. I got some real dandies last week. The Sunnies this year have been nice sized and have bit great at times. Some of the lakes we have tried, have had 20 little ones to every keeper. On Chetec Chain of lakes, they have been mostly good sized ones. Don't get me wrong, you still have to work for em, but we have had many fish fries this year so far. Moving around makes a big difference!

    :wink:Good Fishin to all!