Anyone try fall hunting with dogs yet?

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  1. I'd really like to know what everyone thinks who has tried this. My buddy, who lives in Michigan, has a squirrel dog that's been cross trained as a fall turkey dog and does an AWESOME job, I'd really like to try it here has anyone tried it?
  2. well...

    It was too short a season, but it was fun while it lasted. Ran into a huge flock one day, decided to try my young ES, yes, English Setter, on them.


    He got out of the truck, stopped and pointed, then at my urging, became an instant fall turkey dog-barked and everything-this was right at dusk as the birds were preparing to fly up...the next morning, an acquaintance of mine, who also had a tag, and I, both two nice young jakes in a neat call back hunt that lasted almost two hours.

    The turkey tenderloin dinner was awesome...:lol:

    Those of you who haven't tried this don't know what you're's a riot...

    oh, and btw...that young ES went right back to pointing grouse and woodcock that very next day.

    But now he watches every flock of turkeys we pass...LOL

  3. Hunting wild turkey with a dog

    Absolutely, I've been trying it for 5 years now, and while my calling has gotten better every year, the dog has really suprised me with how she has excelled. The first few years she was learning, but once she got the idea, she surpassed all expectations of what a turkey dog can do. I can't wait until next year when it'll be allowed statewide. This year it's only open in the 9 county area yet in SW WI. I think a lot of bird dog people think letting their dog hunt turkey will ruin them for pheasant or grouse, but like you said, your dog knows the difference, and goes right back to pointing the other birds. I hear hunters say they can tell by their dogs body language what kind of bird they're on. If you're pheasant or grouse hunting, and you have a turkey permit, carry your turkey choke and some heavy loads along for when your dog scatters turkeys. Then switch chokes, sit down and call them in. Once your dog sees how it's done, she'll sit quietly waiting for you to shoot, so she can go get the bird. I think there's more turkeys in WI than any other bird, so train your dog for turkey, and enjoy more time outdoors. Season opens Sept. 12 and may run to Dec. 31 this year.
  4. My dog Saturday came round the corner at a high rate of speed. I was wondering what was going on till I heard the yip she gives out when she is getting beat in a race. The turkeys took the the air only losing a couple feathers. Amazing what a dog can sense/hear compared to humans! Oh, and no I was not hunting them, we were just out walking around spending a great day in the woods