Approximately 200 turkeys intentionally poisoned in Oconto County

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    WDNR Northeast Region - Responsible party faces charges; significant restitutionGREEN BAY - DNR conservation wardens are investigating the intentional poisoning of approximately 200 wild turkeys in a wooded area near a ...

  2. Of all of types of wildlife around there, why turkeys? :mad:

  3. There is just no way of knowing what goes on, or does not go on, inside the heads of some people. On the bright side there are a lot more good guys than bad. The land owner (farmer) where I hunt turkeys with my son has a lot of birds. Deer also. These critters cause crop damage year round and spend all winter raiding his corn cribs. He is a good stewerd of his land and takes care of his critter crop. It costs him $ but he does not charge the few hunters he allows on. He limits the # of hunters on the land at any time. He has over 600 acers and 2 of us will be the only ones hunting during our time. We have always treated his land as if it were ours and he gives us first priority. The first time period he keeps for himself. He takes as much joy in our success as he does his own. We need to hear more about the GOOD guys.:bouncy:
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    Why in the heck would somebody do such a thing?
  5. oh my, how could anyone do this? poor turkeys.
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