Bad Weather...Good Fishing...

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    Andy Kurth called last night. He wanted to fish today. He doesn't get a hall pass often so I went with him.

    Our first choice of streams was taken by turkey hunters and decided to let them have it to themselves.

    The nearest stream was 10 miles north.

    The weather this morning was awful. It was snowing and raining and windy. It did NOT seem to bother the trout because they were on fire.


    We fished from 8:30 until 1:30pm
    I let Andy have most of the holes first and he landed 47 browns and three brookies infested with gill lice. I have never found gill lice on this stream. I also had never caught a brookie on this stream until today.

    I landed 32 browns and three brookies with gill lice also. I have already filled out the report form on the brookies.

    Andy had 2 doubles. He was throwing a woolly worm with a uv stone dropper.

    Andy landed big brown of the was 16ish.

    I landed big brookie of the day... about 12ish brookie