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  1. So, I drew a tag for zone C after 5 years of applying. One of the bait sets we started is in a brand new area that we have seen the occasional bear in over the last couple years. We started baiting it a little early as compared to others to get the bears used to and coming to, this new spot. We have had two bears come in, one we estimate 300 and the other closer to 400 but neither has come back. The larger bear was at the site 3 times in one night for an hour each time. The bait usually goes about a week between hits.

    Any thoughts on how to get them to stay around a little longer? I know that there is a LOT of time between now and September but...

  2. Not unusual fot this time of the year as Big boars are roaming around. It is the start of the breeding season and your boars will roam a large area looking for a sow. After the breeding season the boars will stay in an area on a more regular basis. I have found that the bigger boars will start hitting a bait on a regular basis in the beginning of July.

  3. its early in july your baits will be hit all the time thats when i start to bait i have a friend baiting now and they are not getting hit that much just wait it will get better
  4. If possible make opening week pay off for you. In my area the farther you get into Sept. and the more acorns that drop, the less my baits get hit regularily. Like the others have said, late July you can set your watch by some of the bear, August is just as good untill the berries get ripe but after they are gone the bear are back on my baits regularily. I wouldnt ghet worried, its way too early
  5. Well the baiting never really picked up. I have seen five different bears on camera but only two repeat visitors and even they are infrequent. Average time between hits has been about 5 days, as of now it has been 12 days since it was hit. I am going to hold off baiting until the end of the month and see if that changes anything.
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    Good to hear you are getting some action.
  7. Sounds like some one else is baiting close to you. The bear should be settled down now after the breeding season. What are you using for bait? Are you using any scent? Try French Fryer Grease, give the whole area around the bait a good soaking including throwing some up into the trees above the bait, it usually does the trick when the bear start skipping the bait. Also believe it or not bear can be fussy, if your bait has been sitting for a while and rained on and hasn't been hit try taking the old bait out and replace it with new stuff.
  8. Thanks Tom but I am pretty sure that I am the only one around here that is baiting, a very low pressure area and people would have been talking about it as they know that I have a tag. I have been using fruit snacks, circus peanuts, trail mix, doughnuts, and glaze. I do not have any access to grease around here or I would be using it too. I had not been using any scents but ordered some on Saturday so we will see what happens.

    As for the bait, it does not have the ability to get wet, covered pretty well by a large half log. I have had a lot of coon visitors but they can not get the bait out. I tipped everything over yesterday to let the coons finish the old stuff up. I am going to give it to the end of the month before re-baiting to get the coons to move on and time getting the bears back in a little better.
  9. Fatrooster77 the sents should help I dont know what you order but I use Big Bear Scents in Blueberry muffin and star anise and it works great. I use it to get all my baits going then I will use it again two weeks before the season starts right up until we are done hunting.Liquid smoke I use to also works good. Hope the scents work for you and good luck.
  10. HG,
    I have ordered scents from northwoodsbearscents out of Mineral Point, WI. after reading about them. I ordered a gel and a spray from them in caramel (gel) and butterscotch (spray). Like I said in my earlier post, it has been two weeks since a bear has hit it which is disappointing although I keep telling myself it is a brand new setup and no one in 3 miles has ever hunted bear around here so... What would you do? My neighbors are really starting to get fed up with the coons which they have not had to deal with until I started baiting which is why I thought wait until the end of the month before starting up again. If you think I should order more scents from your suggested place I could sure do that too. I am open too all suggestions!!!

    I do have a spot about 30 miles from here that is being baited by a friend of mine and that thing gets hit religiously.
  11. Fatrooster77 I would say try that scent and see if it helps get them coming and hitting on a more regular basis I got baits going in Zones A&C and they are all getting hit hard and some of the sites are new this year but I started them with the blueberry muffin and star anise from Big Bear Scents. they were all getting hit with in a week of putting them out . and i started baiting April 15 when we could legally start. I would say that after about 2 maybe 3 weeks after useing that scent if your bait isnt getting hit good I would find a different spot.Hope this helps good luck.
  12. Well, I placed my order on Friday and it was delivered today, WOW! HG, I wish you would have said careful that it doesn't get on your skin. When I took the cap off the star anise, a single drop got on me and even after having washed my hands, it still smells. I can only imagine what it will do in the woods. Between it and the blueberry making me want to eat an entire pie, I think we are set. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post!
  13. Yeah Fatrooster77 Its pretty strong stuff I hope it works for you let me know if it does the trick it works for me.Good Luck keep me posted on how its going for you.
  14. When I went bear hunting I used liquid smoke for a sent .That worked really well .Give it a try
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  15. Yeah it is just not doing it... I know they are out there for they have shown themselves before but things have changed. One bear in nearly four weeks is not what I would call good. The other baits we are running in proven bear country are being his every day and multiple times per day, even when the bait is gone they are still coming in. This is where I think we are going to focus all of our energy. I will probably keep this bait going just in case the others fall through but I doubt anything magical will come out of it.

    I looked at my calendar and they stopped hitting when my neighbor, who does not hunt, invited family over to fire guns the ENTIRE day one Sunday. The marks the start of when the bears stopped coming back. Combine that with my other neighbor's .22 obsession and.....................