Bald Eagle Closeups - Juvenile

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  1. These pics are my best catch ever. I have never saw any eagles by my land as there is no open water real close this time of the year. The cool thing about it was while I am looking at the pics of the eagle on cam, my wife points out that an eagle is flying over us. The last pic the eagle is in the top of pic taking off.
  2. Steve

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    Very cool. Definitely a juvi, not too white yet.

  3. Great Pics

    Thanks for sharing...
  4. I love the pics. Have to get one of those camaras one of these days. Thanks:smile:
  5. Well I guess I am wrong about it being a Juvenile Bald Eagle. Some experts on other forums that I posted pics have told me that it is a Rough-Legged Hawk on it's way to the Artic to nest. Sorry about that. Still cool pics.
  6. yup...

    You have to look for a while, then you realize it has a hawk head, not the head of an eagle...nor the yellow beak, although I don't know when eagles develop that.

    Do you think he came in to investigate your camera, or do you have some sort of bait set up there?
  7. I cleaned out some old meat out of freezer.

  8. That makes it all the more special!! Rather than your every day Bald Eagle. Great shot's!!
  9. Yes it is a rough-legged hawk. Pretty interesting, not sure I have ever seen one. according to my bird book "a cold weather hawk, nesting on the cliffs in the high artic, moving south rather late in the fall. favors tundra in the summer, farmland and prairies in the winter. May be seen hovering on rapid wing beats".
  10. Real nice Tom. Bet you were suprised?