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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Hatfield Hunter, May 11, 2012.

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  1. O.K. Wisconsinite Outdoors Persons--Just found out history of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Hoping to unseat Gov Walker---Mr. Barrett has received an F from NRA---Also- Complete anti gun voter---Complete anti hunter voter !!!! Yes it is all documented !!!! Just what wisconsin needs, :tsk:
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    lets see it?

    Walker doesn't have a clue which end to use of a gun.

    Walker is an obvious pretender outdoorsman.

    If the Koch Brothers told him to do something anti-gun he would do it.

    People grabbing at straws because they see walker is going down in flames.

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    NRA equals rebulican

    if you are going to dazzle me with some Fox News Nonsense or some NRA
    "National Republican Association" you can not waste your breath. Their information is so skewed that only naive people believe it.
  5. yes info

    Well Mr. Spinner, As usual, A Liberal wil not listen nor acknowledge facts, as your recent rant shows, About fox news or the NRA---So I will not waste my time, Although its in a central Wi newspaper and on local News reports on radio Stations in central wi today ! But of course to Liberals this means nothing--its all a conspiracy !!! Those who see your rants about this will understand a closed mind. All for now I am going fishing.
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    picture this....

    a 3 family unit...2 pay checks..

    The family is doing well.

    The wonderful state government decides to give them a 7 percent each tax hike. Their take home income is now 14 percent less.

    The same tax increase is not given to fireman and cops because they historically vote republican.

    But the cop and the fireman see the obvious wrong doing and stick up for the others.

    Could you imagine what the Koch brothers would do with 14 percent less of their yearly income?

    Oh dang....

    They don't have to worry because their boy scooter doesn't tax all groups the same...just the ones that typically vote democratic.
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