bass taking over

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  1. largemouth and Smallmouth Bass seem to be taking over Big Arbor Vitae ! since the later season opening and bag and size limits, Bass are taking over. Less walleye, crappie etc. I have never caught so many Bass, all by accident-----I like to eat what I:irked: catch, I do not enjoy Bass---There are enough Bass lakes available---DNR leave Big Arbor Vitae alone--Change the Bass Season back to what it used to be---
  2. dnr answer

    I have to say, I found the DNR expert from Vilas County, Had a real nice email chat with him in regards to the bass take over, He agre:irked:ed, Said it was realized last year also---Here is their answer---Will lower size limit for now---This wll reduce numbers, I stated I disagreed, Here is why----Very few people actually keep bass for eating, I personally dislike Largemouth and actually detest taste of Small mouth. All of the folks I know fishing Big Arbor Vitae also do niot keep bass, He stated DNR new of about 60 bass taken by boat checks---I next mentioned, My Son and I can Catch 14 or so in only 2 or 3 hours, Big deal ( 60) I mentioned the later actually open season should be put back to where it was, First Saturday in May, This would help, No answer, Guess threy did not think of that so must not be a good idea. Well atleast they are admitting growing the Bass populations in Northern Wi was not such a good idea,