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    Hunted wis. for first time during rifle season.Had 9 guys in our camp with 0 deer. 4 nice bucks were seen with 1 shot a clean miss.Not discouraged, just looking for any tips for next year. We hunted public land and everyone we talked to said the weather stinks,to many wolves and all the deer are in the swamps where they eat the moss and have no reason to move out of the thick nasty stuff.thinking about bringing a canoe next year for the bibbon swamp.Lower michigan gets so packed with people it's getting to be a headache.It's nice to get away and i love them choclate racks:bowdown:
  2. I have been hunting Bayfield County for 24 years. There are some nice bucks up there but there isn't a lot of them Always said that we were going to hunt the Bibons but never did. The locals claim there is quicksand in the Bibons but I think that was to scare you off. We thought of a canoe to get into it but from what I understand there would be a lot of portaging to get any place. Suppose to be som real Big Bucks just to the North of Bibons in the farm country, but it is all private land.

  3. I live on the eastern side of Ashland county and I logged near the Bibbon swamp near Mason. It is true that there is some botomless areas there. About 15 years ago there were a lot of deer in that area but now the wolves have moved in and have been taken care of that. They started more on our side and have moved out because of the lack of food to run down. With the increase in the bear population fawn sightings have dropped about 90%. Its not an exaggeration- I and my cousin have lived around here our whole life and are fed up with the deer situation. We always stuck it out even in the worst of times but this has taken the cake. We both are taking our families to another state this year. If you want a bear this is the place to go anyewhere in Northern Wis but the deer is another story. If you hunt alone and dont mind not seeing anything for a good long stretch is okay-but trying to introduce hunting to a kid and cant even cut a fresh track for three quarters of a season is ridiculous. Between my daughter and I and 5 other folks I talked with during the gun deer season which were affiliated with 5 other camps totaling 35 people in a 9.5 mile stretch-all of us combined saw a total of 4 does all deer season. What a joke.
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  4. Did you guys have deer prior to the DNR's extermination policies went into affect? I know the wolves have really taken a toll on the deer herd, however maybe hunters have helped with the problem. I don't know what to blame it on but everyone says the same thing, no deer. Maybe it's time to take care of the predators by ourselves. Many bear hunters say" the only good wolf is a dead one". :wink:
  5. Not trying to argue with anyone but I spend a good amount of time in the area trout fishing. My spring trip this year yielded MANY dear sightings during the day... even in the middle of the day. MUCH more then in years past. In 4 days in the area I must have seen at least 20 some deer and only saw two together at once. Swear I saw a buck in velvet - but it was a quick glance and I'm not 100% Pretty decent rack for how early it is!

    Anyone else from the area notice this? Primarily talking the Cable, Drummond, Grandview areas. I plan to run up and do some bow hunting in the area this fall with a buddy of mine.