Bear With No Head

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  1. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw several pics of this bear in this position.
  2. That is a great photo!! :lol:

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    Dumpster diving.
  4. Nice stump Tom. Was it a match made in heaven or did you help it? If you helped make it, any tips to make the process easier or better?
  5. I helped the stump. Found a solid hollow tree that had tipped over, cut it off about 4 feet long. Moved it to where I wanted the bait station and buried it in the ground. The 1st time I only buried it about 6 inches and built up dirt around the stump. After a couple of weeks one of the big bears tipped it over so I re-dug the hole and buried it deeper. If memory serves me right I think it is in the ground about 16 inches. I also filled the inside with dirt so it was level with the ground on outside. It has not been tipped over since. I also soaked the stump with French Fry grease.
  6. Hello, I am having trouble getting pictures on this website, even after posting a forum asking for instructions how, I saw you had a picture and thought maybe you could help, I think I can manage to get my picture on here once i manage to locate the 'attachments' link, but can't seem to figure out where its located? Thanks, Joe.
  7. Jk go to the photo gallery, when that page loads there will be a tab in the upper right hand corner that says upload photo, click on it, when the page loads you will see Upload photo, underneath that it will have a drop down screen, pick the place where you want your photo to go. If it is a bear picture choose that. Next underneath that there will be a place to pick the pictures that you want to up load to the site from your computer. After you get the pictures uploaded to the photo gallery go to the photo gallery, click on the category that you chose for your upload [bear] find the picture you want to insert in your post, click on it scroll down to below the picture and you will see a file string starting with [​IMG]
  8. you must have something really good in there
  9. I am new and this picture is great and very outstanding about the view it has.Good to share.